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Our Day

Our ethos for Early Years education is simple.


We aim to provide all children in our care with multiple opportunities for positive experiences, to encourage their natural curiosity and to expand on their own interests as they play from within a truly child-led setting, so that they become lifelong learners.

A Unique Child:

We recognise that every child is unique and all are capable of becoming confident and resilient learners.

We identify any need for additional support the child may need and respond to this in a timely manner.


We recognise parents and carers as the foundation of their child's learning journey and our staff will work closely with them to identify each child's likes & dislikes, any areas of specific interest and continue to develop these with thoughtful provocations whilst making regular assessments of each child's progress.

Positive Relationships:

The Stacey Pre-School team encourage a sense of belonging by listening to each child, and considering and responding to their feelings and needs by building strong relationships with them.


We use our time in the setting to encourage a sense of community and of belonging and of working together. 

We encourage British values by teaching children the importance of sharing, turn taking and good manners, by encouraging children to maintain our Pre-School rules, teaching the importance of inclusivity and celebrating diversity and by modelling respect and tolerance of all cultures and beliefs.

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Enabling Environments 

Operating from a free-flowing indoor setting, our dedicated children's play patio now leads directly onto our organic Forest School area and allotment and from there onto our sensory garden and orchard.


We extend children's learning by using a 'planning in the moment' approach, borrowing from various early years teaching models including the 'curiosity approach' and include adult lead activities as well as allowing children the freedom to take risks in all areas of their learning as they play and explore our unique Pre-School environment.

We achieve this by placing our provocations and resources, which are stimulating and high quality, with many open ended resources, so that they are easily accessible to each child. This encourages them to choose what they want to engage with and how.

Learning & Development 

Our staff expand and encourage each child's active learning by using a skilful combination of sensitive questioning, guidance, modelling, thoughtful provocations and lots of fun, to guide children through their own journey towards creative and critical thinking.

Forest School

We hold regular Forest School sessions throughout the week from our organic Forest School space adjacent to the Pre-School.  Our Forest School sessions are lead by a Forest Schools accredited Forest Schools Leader who also holds a Level 4 EY qualification in childcare.


Our children develop an early awareness in sustainability and enjoy participating in sowing, cultivating and harvesting the produce they grow as well as cooking and eating everything we grow. We use our time in Forest School to enrich our curriculum with lots of learning in the natural environment.

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Our Sessions

Parents and children will be greeted at the start of each session by our staff. This is an ideal opportunity for parents and carers to discuss their child with the Pre-School Manager and her team.


Children are encouraged in their independence as soon as they arrive, starting with 'self-registering' by selecting their named badge and sticking this to their coat hook, removing and hanging up their outdoor coats and storing their lunches or bags appropriately ready to explore our fun and educational resources with their friends before Circle Time together.

During the sessions we encourage group activities to build teamwork and social skills, particularly during Circle Time and during our regular Forest School sessions.


We use Circle Time to focus on our early years phonics programme which is intended to develop each child's listening and speaking skills and to extend their vocabulary as well as their attention skills. We do this by discussing the weather and the seasons, any news the children want to share from home, talking about our colours and shapes of the week and by singing action and rhyming songs.


We use Key Person 'Focus Activity' time to offer guided learning in smaller groups and we identify 'in the moment' learning opportunities throughout each child's Free Play experiences.

We use Snack & Lunch Time to promote good health by discussing healthy eating choices and habits and to encourage independence as the children prepare their own snacks and drinks themselves ready to eat together in a social setting.


We close all of our sessions by sharing in Story & Music Time together as a Pre-School family. With lots of opportunities for children to explore, learn and practice new skills including their self care skills such as hand washing before snacks or lunch, visiting the 'snuffle station' and brushing teeth, we encourage the children to be as independent as possible.


We greet parents at Home Time by sharing how their child has been enjoying their day and we regularly celebrate their achievements via our Early Years Learning Journal on'Tapestry.'


Our Curriculum Statement

Read our Curriculum Statement

Rhythms of The Day

Morning Session:

9.00 a.m.        Welcome children

                          Children self register

9.15 a.m.        Circle Time

9.30 a.m.        Free play & Focus Activity

10.30 a.m.      Snack Time

11.00 a.m.      Free play inside & outside

11.45 a.m.      Tidy Up Time

                           Singing & Story Time

12 noon           Home Time


Lunch Club Session:

12 noon           Lunch Time

12.30 p.m.      Puzzles or Book Time


Afternoon Session:

1.00 p.m.         Welcome children

                           Children self register

1.15 p.m.         Circle Time

1.30 p.m.         Free Play & Focus Activity

2.30 p.m.         Snack Time

3.00 p.m.         Free Play inside & outside

3.45 p.m.         Tidy Up Time

                           Story & Music Time

4 p.m.               Home Time


Snack Time

Our healthy and nutritious snack choices include:

toast, crackers, breadsticks, fresh fruit & vegetables, yoghurts, fromage frais and hard & soft cheeses. 

Children are encouraged to help themselves from the snack trolley and to pour their own drinks. Our staff will regularly encourage children to drink from their drink bottle and to make choices from the snack trolley.

We welcome healthy snack contributions from our families.


We strongly encourage parents/carers to please only fill their child's drink bottle with water or milk.


If your child is staying to our Lunch Club sessions we ask all parents to be mindful of our healthy eating guidelines and to not include any fizzy drinks, chocolate, crisps or sweets in their child's lunch bag but to only provide healthy and nutritious foods.

The Stacey Pre-School Library

We have an amazing library of over 250 quality books for our Early Years learners to enjoy.


We encourage all of our children to select a book to take home to share with their families and to check these out independently using our library software.


Children also have the opportunity to take home "Fable" the Stacey Pre-School literacy mascot to share in their reading or other adventures together.

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Dress for Mess!:

Children will enjoy lots of fun activities, including painting, crafting, gardening, cooking as well as exploring the Forest School area for den building, bushcraft and mini-beast hunts - so we ask that parents dress their child appropriately - for lots of messy play!


Parent Appointments

All parents are able to make an appointment with their child's Key Person or the Pre-School Manager to discuss any concerns or questions they may have regarding any aspect of their child's development or behaviour. Open appointments are available every morning or parents/carers can make an appointment at the end of the Pre-School day.

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Circle Time & Book Corner
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Forest School - Numeracy Station
Soft Toys & Book Corner
snack time at forest school
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Cupcake for the Big Coffee Morning
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